One thing I'm liking about 2009 so far is that we've been fortunate enough to witness a whole bunch of entertaining, idiotic celebrity moments. And while I'm not one to obsess over celebrities and the stupid little egotistical things they do on a daily basis, listening to Christian Bale scream at a cinematographer or Billy Bob Thornton act like a complete moron on live radio somehow brightens up my day. Why? Because it's funny; they're funny. With everything that's going in the world right now -- job losses, economic hardships, a live-action Dragonball movie -- Billy Bob Thornton decides to act like the world's biggest incompetent jerk on a radio show that's promoting his work. How is that not hilarious?

But did he really act like a jerk, or was it all a big misunderstanding? In the fourth episode of Jeremy Fisher's For Real show, Mr. Fisher explains exactly what went down on that radio show; that Billy Bob wasn't acting like a drunk donkey with an ear infection -- instead, he was just responding to a botched Canadian-to-English translation of the entire conversation. Little confused? Here, watch the video below. Trust me, it explains everything.

[via Buzzfeed]
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