James Cameron's Avatar remains cloaked in secrecy, but as of now you can get your Amazon.com order in for a bunch of spin-offs that are due to hit the market in November.

For the more technically and artistically minded, there's The Art of Avatar: James Cameron's Epic Adventure that promises a forward by Peter Jackson, and "over 100 exclusive full-color images including sketches, matte paintings, drawings, and film stills" that will shed light on " the imaginative vistas, unique landscapes, aerial battle scenes, bioluminescent nights, and fantastical creatures." So there's a spoiler alert for you -- Avatar will feature bioluminscent nights and aerial battle scenes!

The rest of the Avatar books seem to be geared toward children ages 9-12. Aspiring young filmmakers have Avatar: The Movie Scrapbook to look forward to, and if your kid loves Avatar but can't read, there's Avatar: The Reusable Sticker Book. If you want to lose yourself in the foreign world of the Na'vi rather than that of film making, there's Avatar: The Na'vi Quest.

So, the first signs of the marketing deluge have appeared, you have a few clues as to what kind of action the film might promise, and hints that Cameron will be keeping the film relatively family friendly. I mean, did The Abyss ever have a sticker book?

[via MarketSaw -- thanks, Michael!]
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