Know what's fun? When a production company tries to sell its film by reminding us of its unstoppable awfulness. It' doesn't happen all that often, but yesterday I received an email from the production company behind a new action flm called Royal Kill -- and the email was basically a miniature press release about a powerfully negative Washington Post review of Royal Kill. (The film was shot in D.C., which probably explains why it opened -- and got reviewed -- there).

I'll include the rest of the awesome press release after the jump, but here's the gist: According to the IMDb, Royal Kill packs a cast list that includes Eric Roberts, "Lalaine," Wrestlemania's Gail Kim, and the late Pat Morita as "exhibition manager." Apparently it's just a really rotten low-budget action flick, and Dan Zak's Post review certainly doesn't inspire a lot of interest, but to get a publicity release that's sort of proud of the critical bashing? Now that's weird. But hey, whatever helps you land a home video deal, right? After the jump, take note of how the hard-working publicist tries to assert that "bad movie" automatically qualifies you for Ed Wood-style cult status. Ha.

Punishment gluttons, here's the Royal Kill website!
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