Despite being a film fan, and a reader who favors nonfiction, I don't read a lot of movie related books. I'm not exactly sure why, except that a lot of the biographies and behind-the-scenes stories can seem a bit tabloidy, and I like my screen gods and goddesses to remain exactly that.

However, I caved last weekend and read Katharine Hepburn's Me: Stories of My Life. It was sitting there on my sister's bookshelf and I suddenly felt ashamed that despite adoring the woman, I'd been less dedicated to learning about her than my sister had. All I can say is ... wow. What a brilliant read. Not only is it a glimpse into the golden era of Hollywood, it's also one hell of a self-help book (if you're feeling sorry for yourself, Hepburn has some advice for you), a historical document (Hepburn's parents were incredibly fascinating) and very much a work of art. Hepburn's stream of consciousness style can nearly rival Virginia Woolf's. It's also deceptively light hearted and funny, which abruptly switches to the deep and personal in the final chapters, as Hepburn finally discusses Spencer Tracy. Read it, if you haven't already -- and have the Kleenex waiting, because it's really rather haunting.

So now I think I've been a bit remiss in avoiding the film section of my bookstore, and I thought I'd use my hard lesson learned to spark a bit of discussion among you guys. Which film books and biographies and autobiographies have wound you up over the years ... and which ones are you still waiting for?
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