Oh, Gerard Butler. How do I reconcile my feelings towards you? I go from crushing hard on you to wanting to smack you in the face when you show up in the tabloids and TMZ. (I miss the days when I knew you only as "that Scottish dude from the Tomb Raider sequel.")

But don't take that too personally Mr. Butler, because it's also how I feel about the trailer for The Ugly Truth. (I miss the days when I knew you only as Pillow Talk.)

I mean, it looks funny. I laugh and yet it also causes me to wince, not only at its predictability, but at what it might really be saying about men, women, and dating. Even knowing how it must happily turn out, it's still the kind of story that makes me feel all squirmy and insecure, and tempted to join a nunnery lest I encounter "hilarious" situations like this.

So, without further whining, here's the latest trailer for The Ugly Truth, courtesy of MySpace's Trailer Park. You might remember that the raunchy romantic comedy was supposed to be released this month, but was pushed back to compete with Judd Apatow. Some scenes were played at ShoWest last week to a lot of laughs and thumbs-up, which made Sony very confident in that July 24 date. See what you think.