Seth Grahame-Smith is striking while the iron is hot. Fresh off the success of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, he's set to introduce the world to another "lost" tale of the undead. Meet Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

According to Publisher's Weekly, the story is a "loose sketch" of Lincoln's life, but with the shocking twist that the iconic president wasn't just trying to keep that house from dividing against itself, he was staking the undead! How's that for multi-tasking?

Grahame-Smith sold the proposal for a shocking six figures on Wednesday ... and the reason we're talking about a book deal here on Cinematical is because the movie rights are already being shopped around. Of course, shopped around doesn't mean purchased, but given that P&P&Z has reportedly been snapped up by someone (the official announcement has yet to be made) you can bet another studio will want a piece of the fake memoir pie.

As you know, I wasn't impressed with P&P&Z(and finding out that Grahame-Smith was assigned the task explains a lot about its slapdash style), but I took it in the intended spirit. But now the "Guess who fought the undead?" joke is really running thin. Who will visit the underworld next, I wonder? William Shakespeare: Necromancer? William Wallace Versus the Werewolves? The Tudors as Voodoo Priests? The possibilities are as endless as they are eye-rolling.

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