The first "official" photos from Sly Stallone's action-packed The Expendables has arrived online (courtesy of AICN), and one features Eric Roberts and Stone Cold Steve Austin flying through the air following an explosion of some sorts. If the words 'Eric Roberts', 'Stone Cold Steve Austin' and 'explosion' don't immediately force you to write the word 'AWESOME' in ALL CAPS (before yelling it out your apartment window for the whole world to hear), then I'm sorry, but there's really no hope for you. Check out all three images in the gallery below, and read one of these posts for more info on the film, which hits theaters on April 23, 2010.

Director Rob Zombie has already wrapped production on Halloween 2 (or H2), even though it feels as if only two weeks have passed since his return to the franchise was announced. Zombie celebrated by releasing an image of the new Michael Myers, stressing that this will be one of many faces Myers shows off in the new film. This comes after word spread that Myers will remain mask-less for 70% of the movie (see set photo evidence below), which would certainly be a huge departure from the original horror franchise. I dunno, I kinda like my slashers in a mask. Remove the mask and, well, they're just another random weirdo ... and I work with enough of those here at Cinematical. What do you think: With the mask or without it? (Click images below to view the new Myers)

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