Where is Alan Alda? Okay sure, we all know where he is, keeping busy with the likes of Diminished Capacity, Flash of Genius, and Nothing But the Truth. But where is Alan Alda, leading man? He might be in his '70s, but he's still got his classic Aldaness. It's great that he's still around, but the world hasn't seen him nab the lead big-screen credit in 19 years -- since he wrote, directed, and starred in Betsy's Wedding in 1990.

The world needs more leading-man Alda. But I'll take it a step further: We need another film starring Alda and Carol Burnett. Below you can watch a clip from one of his own -- The FourSeasons, where Alan and Carol lay in bed while their friend and his younger lover get much too vocal in an adjacent room, if you know what I mean. (The clip also features Rita Moreno and the late Jack Weston.) While it's a scene and film to appreciate for its humor (which earned the movie four Golden Globe nominations), it's even better for the interaction between Alda and Burnett.

The two were born to banter together, and a new film would give the actors a chance to do something more than supporting or ensemble work. Alda could stop the memoirs to pen something himself, or to give the project more possibility of life, Woody Allen could always step in and whip up entertaining, buzz-worthy words. There are few of the old-school funny men and women left, and we should take advantage while we can.

Trivia: One part of the moaning couple in the scene (that you hear but never see) is Bess Armstrong. Just over a decade later, she'd find herself in a similar, moan-crazy situation in My So-Called Life, but that time around, she was the one suffering from thin walls.