While I've made no secret of my distaste of musicals, there's a faction of them that really, really irks me most of all. In fact, if not for the ever-prevalent existence of these suckers, I'd be much more appreciative of the whole musical movement. That faction: Sanitized, Purelled musical remakes -- Hairspray being the prime example. If you want to celebrate a film, celebrate it. Don't lobotomize it.

Yeah, Adam Shankman went wild throwing John Travolta in a female fat suit, but as we all know, that's merely a tiny shade of "perversity" in the Waters universe. In January, he mentioned not being able to do some of the wild "John Waters-y" sort of things in the upcoming sequel, but now he's described this whole project to a T. Straight from Collider: "John Waters wrote a treatment that was so insane. That was really a sequel to his version of the movie with all the cattle prods and the electro shock therapy, and seaweed. And Penny blew up the world at a certain point out of anger. It was this crazy thing. But we saw it as something to borrow from, so we took some of the less insane ideas." (Emphasis mine.)

The unique, visionary minds of cinema are not idea banks to pillage and plunder, picking wholesome moments out of a world of perversion and insanity -- especially when that world is created by Waters. You want to make a sequel out of a watered down remake? Make it. Don't get the original film's creator to write a wonderfully insane-sounding story just so you can pick at it and rip it apart at the strangely wonderful seams and take it in a different, tame direction. That's pure laziness.

But it's not like we should be shocked. Hollywood seems to have lost the art of risk taking and brainstorming long ago.
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