Get ready folks, because if there's a movie from the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s that was popular and featured a teenage male in the lead role, there's a good chance Zac Efron's name will be mentioned with regards to a remake. Dude was real close to starring in a Footloose reboot, and now folks are beginning to go near a film I deem untouchable (mainly because it's right up there with my favorite movies of all time):Back to the Future.

Teen Hollywood claims Efron really wants to play Marty McFly in a new Back to the Future movie. However, they seem to have dreamt that up because the only Efron quote presented in their article shows he's a fan of the series, but doesn't necessarily want to take over the role held by Michael J. Fox for three films. He says, "Growing up, my favourite thing to do was to climb into the car and play Back To the Future. I would pretend I was Marty McFly." We all did that, Zac, but what most of us didn't do was grow up and buy manage to snag ourselves an actual DeLorean. Yup, Zac owns one (see photo above), and you should see what happens when he gets her up to 88mph.

So he's obviously a huge Back to the Future nut, which, honestly, makes me like him a little bit more now -- but does that mean he'd also jump to play McFly if a studio presented it to him? Or, like a true fan, would he yell, scream, hiss and throw flaming piles of monkey poop at any studio henchman who does so little as hold a conversation about taking on the role in either a sequel or a remake? That's the multi-million dollar question, and I bet you a shiny stack of marbles it crosses his desk sometime soon (if it hasn't already ...).

[via Moviehole]
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