What's a distributor to do when it has a bunch of kitschy, random flicks on its hands? They slap a title like "The Lost Collection" across a few of 'em, toss the DVDs onto the market, and see if there's enough interest to warrant another batch of "Lost Collection" titles. Points to Lionsgate, however, for approaching their subject matter with a good dose of humor -- even if we're not exactly thrilled with all these fullscreen transfers. So here, submitted for your approval, are the eight titles in LG's new "Lost Collection." Whether or not the flicks deserve to remain "lost" is entirely up to you.

Hiding Out (1987) -- Jon Cryer, Annabeth Gish, and Keith Coogan star in this insipid "comedy" about a youthful stockbroker who hides out from assassins ... in a high school. I have a weird sort of hate for this movie. (Widescreen, trivia track, trailer)

Homer & Eddie (1989) -- One of those wistful dramedies in which a mentally handicapped person becomes friends with an aggressively antisocial person. In this case, the former is Jim Belushi and the latter is Whoopi Goldberg. (Widescreen, trivia track)

Irreconcilable Differences (1984) -- Co-written by a young Nancy Myers (ahem), this one stars Drew Barrymore as a little girl who wants to divorce her parents, Ryan O'Neal and Shelley Long. Keep your eyes peeled for a young Sharon Stone. Or don't. (Fullscreen, trivia track)

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