Check it out: Allure magazine asked hundreds of celebrities to pose naked for a random "It'll help your career, we promise!" photo shoot, and the five who actually said yes thankfully happened to be in phenomenal shape, weighing 115 pounds soaking wet. Then they had the nerve to ask them how they felt about their bodies ("well, you know, I'd like to weigh 112 -- but thems the breaks"), whether they sleep naked and a bunch of other meaningless questions -- when all they should've done is posted the images with a headline that read: "The Economy + Smaller Budget = Five Nude Celebrity Photos. Enjoy!

Look, I'm a guy who occasionally likes to look at beautiful women. I can't help it, God apparently thought this would be something I might enjoy as I grew older. But this Allure spread, well ... it just reeks of desperation on the magazine's part. The difference between this and a Playboy spread is that these five women (Padme Lakshmi, Eliza Dushku, Chelsea Handler, Sharon Leal and Lynn Collins) probably made it past the seventh grade. Sure, times are tough -- budget cuts and layoffs are all around us -- but does the answer to all our woes really come in the form of Eliza Dushku's birthday suit? Or should we feel better as a society because we now know that Dusku strips down to her underwear and Ugg boots while eating lunch in her trailer? Is this really the kind of material Jesus would've wanted us to read two days after Easter? Think about that!

Feel free to check out a few of these photos in the gallery below, but keep in mind they might be a little NSFW and they're incredibly tacky. Allure had some nerve posting these ...

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