Oh, sure. You could encourage girls to be scientists, astronauts, or superheroes with healthy self-esteem, intelligence, and a belief that they could do anything they darn well wanted. Or you can just remind them that all they really want is boys, and the most important thing in life is snagging yourself a man.

Unfortunately, United Artists is opting for the latter. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they've optioned Pamela Wells' debut novel The Heartbreakers, which will be retitled Rules of Dating for Teenage Girls. Jennifer Ross is currently attached to pen the script.

UA is insisting the story is one of Girl Power, a coming-of-age comedy that centers on four girls who are dumped by their boyfriends on the same day. Tired of boys and their shenanigans, the girls devise a set of rules they're sure will snag any guy, and prevent break-ups and heartache.

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