Let the resurrection of Lindsay Lohan begin! We all know Hollywood loves a comeback, and nobody needs one more than one Miss Lindsay Lohan. Frankly, if this girl has a hope in hell of reviving her career, reminding us why we liked her in the first place is a very good start. The much maligned actress has done a faux eHarmony profile video for the good folks over at Funny or Die (which is slowly becoming the one-stop shop for teen actors to expand their horizons), and believe it or not, the results are pretty funny. Posing as a customer of the dating service, Lohan lands some good jokes over her run-ins with the law, party-girl reputation and supposed dwindling finances. Plus, I have to admit; for once it felt good to be laughing with the gossip mainstay and not at her.

As much fun as it's been to watch Lohan become a full-scale Hollywood train wreck, there's still a big part of me that would like to see her succeed. If you think back to just a few years ago, Lohan was ready for a big movie career and she had brought down the house on her first appearance on SNL. But, as her gossip quotient rose, the deals stopped rolling in like they used to, and suddenly Lohan was the living example of everything that was wrong with Young Hollywood. But here's the one thing that made Lohan stand out; unlike many of her celebutard compatriots: she had actual talent.

Judging by her performance here, maybe if the infamous red-head can snag a role in a quality comedy, we might forget that she used to be the punch-line. What do you think?