Brian Austin GreenShould a famous superhero be a man? Or a boy? Manly man Brian Austin Green feels that Hal Jordan, AKA The Green Lantern, "needs to be a man" in the upcoming movie version. Green told Comic Book Resources: "He needs to be somebody who lives a little and experienced a lot. So right now I'm just sort of trying to throw my name in and make it something that they might consider."

Green admits that his knowledge of Hal Jordan, and the history and origin of the Green Lantern, is very limited. His impression of Hal Jordan as "a guy who has a lot of demons and [is] fighting them constantly" apparently comes from playing with toys and watching Justice League cartoons. Green's interest in playing the part was piqued when a buddy sent him a text message about a fan-made picture, with his face pasted onto a classic shot of the Green Lantern; "then Megan [Fox] and I were sitting talking about it and it just kind of clicked."

Oh, boy. I can understand that if Megan Fox looked into my eyes and said, "Honey, you'd be great as Jabba the Hut," I'd be jumping into a fat suit and eating flies in a flash. Green might be the only person alive who has less knowledge of the Green Lantern than me, and that sounds like a very bad thing. So I asked Elisabeth Rappe, our resident expert, for a comment: "If you're going to pick a fan of the property, I wish they'd hire David Boreanaz. He's a huge Green Lantern fan, and he's who a LOT of people want. I think he would be excellent."

Do you think Brian Austin Green is the man to bring the Green Lantern to life? Should David Boreanaz play the part?

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