I don't know about you, but I never really cared for the autographs of and photos with the big names of Hollywood. Why go for the familiar faces when you can go for the body parts? That foot. That boob. That hand. Okay, I might be laying on the sarcasm, but there is a spotlight turning onto one visually famous set of hands.

During the Eye Con Twilight convention in Florida this year, Convention Fans reports that you can get to know the person behind those apple-holding hands -- Kimbra Hickey. But, such an honor will cost you: To get a picture with Kimbra in front of her Twilight poster, you have to fork over $30 of your hard-earned money. I guess that's pretty cheap for a chance to come close to the most famous hands in the world! I wonder if that thirty will get you a photo a la Janet Jackson on Rolling Stone?

Now I can't take a complete hard line like Convention Fans did. If you want to feature her -- why not? But come on ... thirty bucks? There are many monumentally more notable names who offer their autographs or photo ops for free. But as they also point out -- the rest of this event is ridiculously pricey as well. Just take a look: $35-$295 for access to the event; $60 for an autograph from stars like Peter Facinelli; $240 for a picture with a small group of the cast -- I bet it would be cheaper to fly to Vancouver and stalk the actors there.

Ah, there's nothing like stealing the wallets of eager fangirls everywhere, especially during hard times. Any Twilight fans heading to this convention? Would you fork over 30 bucks for a picture with this hand model?
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