Cinematical has just received this exclusive poster for More Than A Game (click image below to enlarge), which instantly became a fan favorite when it premiered back at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall. Directed by Kristopher Belman, More Than A Game follows NBA phenom LeBron James and his four starting teammates (Dru Joyce, Romeo Travis, Sian Cotton and Willie McGee) back when they were part of the up-and-coming St. Vincent-St. Mary High School varsity basketball team -- and how each overcame his own adversaries in order to win ball games and remain on top. A feel-good story about friendship, loyalty and what it takes to become a true champion, More Than A Game also gives us a closer-than-ever look inside the historic rise of future NBA legend LeBron James. Basketball fans, this one is definitely for you.

More Than A Game will hit theaters on October 2. Check out the full poster by clicking the image below.