Sure, the Twihards among us have probably already purchased their very own womb, snagged some of those limited edition chocolate bars from Godiva and possibly even shelled out thirty bucks for a photo with the most famous hand model in the world. But the collectibles don't stop there, because there are still plenty of goofy tie-in product ideas rattling around the brains of marketing execs to keep fans busy until Edward and Bella are back on the big-screen staring longingly (or blankly depending on your point of view) at each other. The latest tie-in comes from the makers of Sweethearts (aka Conversation Hearts) and go by the ridiculously awesome name of 'Forbidden Fruits'. But these are not your mom's Sweethearts; these babies are covered in glitter and have Twilight themed quotes like 'Bite Me', 'Lamb', and 'I Trust You' written on them.

Shooting might have already begun out in Vancouver for the follow-up to the vampire romance, but other than a few casting announcements, fans haven't had much to keep them busy until New Moon's release later this fall. Well, maybe with the exception of the engaging in the odd criminal misdemeanor or hate mail campaign. Come to think of it; compared to some of the other behaviors from legions of fans, collecting candy seems downright wholesome. But if sugar isn't your thing and you still have a penchant for sparkly vamps; don't worry, there is still plenty of merchandise on its way for the devoted collector, including a board game, umbrellas, band-aids, and my personal favorite; Edward Cullen body glitter. Check out images of some Twilight merch in the gallery below.

New Moon will arrive in theaters on November 20th.

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