You mean it's better than The Island? Director Michael Bay has been making brief stops on his blog the past few days to tell the entire universe two things: 1) He's not on Twitter, and thinks it's a waste of time, and 2) Transformers 2 is f**king awesome. The Bay held a private screening of his current cut for Steven Spielberg the other day, and after the two cuddled up next to one another for a little over two hours, Bay ran over to his site to blog all about it.

Here's the message from Bay: "Steven Spielberg sat next to me in a big 100 person theater at Sony today. There were 98 empty seats. The lights came up after we just watched my cut of Revenge of the Fallen. He turned to me and said "It's awesome." He felt this movie was better then the first - and probably my best, who knows - at this point in a movie you start to lose your objectivity. I just hope the fans like it. I'm going to start putting it in front of audiences in a few weeks - no you are not invited, yet."

Right now I'm not sure which is bigger: The explosion in my pants or Michael Bay's ego. He later adds that they just finished a new trailer which will arrive in front of X-Men Origins: Wolverine (I heard it's a pretty kickass trailer that includes roughly two minutes of Michael Bay desperately trying to physically kiss his own ass. Fantastic!). So good news for you fans: Spielberg thinks the film is "awesome" and Bay feels that Spielberg might think it's Bay's best film yet ... who knows, maybe!

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen drops into theaters on June 24 (hopefully we'll be invited by then).

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