It was bound to happen. We've had a cajillion films turned into musicals, or in the case of the The Producers, a film turned stage musical, turned screen musical. Now we're getting the tunes ripped away for something darker.

Bloody Disgusting recently spoke with Declan O'Brien about Wrong Turn 3, and he revealed that there's going to be a new Little Shop of Horrors. Forget Frank Oz; we're not talking about musical remakes here, but a return back to the original, awesome Roger Corman material from 1960. O'Brien said: "I just optioned Roger Corman's Little Shop of Horrors, which I'm setting up as a big studio remake." The director went on to say that they're shopping it to studios this week, and it won't be a musical: "it'll be dark."

This is the best remake news I've heard in a while. (Don't take that as a cue to get more musical and remake crazy, folks!) There might have been two campy versions, but I can easily picture this with excellent effects and a killer plant that's actually sinister, rather than darkly humorous. What do you think? Can you imagine Audrey in the dark halls of real horror? Or do you wish she'd just stay BIG in LAUGHS! and blood-hungry in song?

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