Brian Austin GreenBrian Austin 'Green Lantern'?

Former '90210' star Brian Austin Green has revealed that he is actively campaigning for the lead role in Warner Bros.' 'Green Lantern,' making him the latest addition to a list of possible contenders that also includes Chris Pine, Ryan Gosling, Emile Hirsch, Sam Worthington and Anton Yelchin. But for all its impressiveness, the list of rumored names remains just that.

And 'Green Lantern' isn't the only superhero tentpole of late to experience casting difficulties. There's also 'Thor,''The First Avenger: Captain America,''The Flash' and the eagerly anticipated 'Iron Man 2.' With all the rumors and Internet chatter, it's often impossible to distinguish fact from wishful thinking. But fear not -- Moviefone is here to save the day with a rundown of what's really going on with the next big wave of superhero blockbusters.

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