We've all come to know Disney as the mecca of old-school animation. Ol' Walt himself grabbed an impressive 59 Oscar nominations, while winning 26. Much of the animation is legendary, and the impact ... I think most of our childhoods were at least partially Disney-ized. But man, the Disney peeps slacked off after Walt passed away.

Did you ever notice some similarities beyond the love of princesses and their princes? Watching Disney over the years, they all seemed fairly diverse -- Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Jungle Book, The Aristocats, Robin Hood. But they all have some really recognizable things in common.

Below you can watch a collection of clips that outlines just how many times Disney films borrowed from old features. We're talking dead-on fight scenes, dances, and interactions with the exact same movements and reactions. Most of this seemed to take place in the seventies, so I guess everyone was high and lazy, especially when they were drawing up Robin Hood. (Or they were just trying to save money, which is probably the real reason for the recycling.)

Have you ever spotted obvious repeats like these? Are there any other offending Disney films and scenes out there?