It pains me to realize that Jon Cryer is 44 years old today. I had a similar reaction a few years ago, when I discovered that Robert Carradine was playing the father on Lizzie McGuire -- there's just no way I could wrap my brain around the idea of Revenge of the Nerds' Lewis Skolnick as a suburban dad. Also, this meant that I, myself, was therefore old enough to be the parent of a teenager, and that's wrong in oh, so many ways.

So it's with mixed emotions that I wish a happy birthday to Jon Cryer. Once I get past my own not-inconsiderable baggage, I'm able to to say without a shred of irony that I adore him. Unsurprisingly, I first fell in love with Cryer in Pretty in Pink, and his lip-sync to Otis Redding's "Try a Little Tenderness" remains one of my favorite set-pieces from the 80's. (A little PiP trivia: Writer-director John Hughes originally intended for Duckie to get the girl, but he was overruled by the studio. So Hughes followed up with Some Kind of Wonderful, which is essentially the same film gender-reversed, with the ending he wanted.)

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