We already heard that the flesh-hungry piranhas are heading all the way to our eyeballs with Piranha 3D. Now they're getting an excellent tough lady to defeat them. Variety reports (about a week after FEARnet did) that Elisabeth Shue will star in Alexandre Aja's remake of Piranha, which starts shooting next month. She'll play a town sheriff who tries to save both the lake and her family from the angry fishies, while Adam Scott (Step Brothers) helps out as a diver for the US Geological Service who helps discover the sharp-toothed killers.

If this was just a good actress delighting in some campy horror, that'd be great -- just like spoofing herself in Hamlet 2. But as a well-liked actress who just can't seem to get steady, worthy work, this news is quite disappointing. All she seems to score these days are horror films and sappy family fare. I'm sorry, but the Oscar-nominated actress from Leaving Las Vegas is worth more than an equine-loving Dreamer or human-hungry piranhas. She's the unstoppable babysitter of the '80s, for cripes sakes!

Luckily, she's got a drama (Waking Madison) and a Western (The Hard Ride) on the way. Do you think either can elevate her back to serious, in-demand actress?
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