I know this isn't directly movie related, but if you have a little extra cash and a way to get to New York City on June 17th, then you absolutely have to go see Kevin Smith play Carnegie Hall. Not all of you are fans of his movies, sure, but his speaking engagements are beyond hilarious. If you're not familiar, picture audience participation stand-up comedy (check out a great clip of Smith ranting about Lord of the Rings over here - NSFW); just Smith, doing his thing. I've personally seen him twice -- and both times I was "on the job" -- but even so I put away my notepad, sat back and had a blast (don't tell my boss that). He's just THAT funny in person, if you're the type who likes smart, geeky, foul-mouthed humor.

But enough ass kissing, here's what you have to do to get tickets: Apparently they're going on sale at 11am EST this morning (as in just a few minutes from now) over at this online destination. (Note the link won't go live until 11am.) Carnegie Hall is not officially announcing the show until April 20th, so consider this a little pre-sale for the online world. This is an excellent, historic NYC venue and tickets will sell out ridiculously fast. Unfortunately my lady is due to give birth to my first kid two days before this show, which means I probably won't be there (holds fist in air -- "Why, God, why?!"), but that's one extra seat for you, so get to it ... and have a blast.
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