No, it's not one of those large-living, seaman-snatching Somali pirates to blame for those shoddy stolen copies of Hannah Montana: The Movie hitting the streets already. In fact, if you believe Gerardo Arellano, who was arrested along with his wife Maribel Fernandez last weekend for illegally filming the movie in the theater, his mom is to blame.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Arellano said of the 44,000 pirated movies found in his home, "my mother saved all of the DVDs, CDs and videos...She saves those." His mom is also selling the stolen movies on a French website, I guess, since his computer turned up a link to such a site during the investigation.

His kids are big fans of Hannah Montana, too. Maybe they were in on it.

On the other hand, at least he didn't wish on Miley/Hannah various venereal diseases and drug habits as per class act Jamie Foxx.
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