'Tear-jerker' is a loaded term; I'll admit as much. Like any number of other labels, it's largely used in a dismissive regard, but I could either tell you that My Sister's Keeper is about a precocious girl (Abigail Breslin, clearly changing things up) who decides to sue her parents (Cameron Diaz and Jason Patric) for having been grown in the name of organ transplants for their ailing oldest daughter (Sofia Vassilieva), or I could tell you that My Sister's Keeper is the latest tear-jerker from the director of The Notebook. You get the idea.

Either way, the trailer is up at Yahoo! Movies (or watch it below), and it sells exactly the type of weepie that I predicted in a piece last February regarding some of Warners' upcoming releases. The film is still scheduled to contend with indie drama Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and while it makes sense on paper as ideal counter-programming, I'd still argue that if the star-packed Evening couldn't rake in much at all against that film's predecessor, what chance does something like this stand?

As I admitted in another piece from late last year, I'm not completely immune to the occasional tear, and I honestly won't be above watching this when it does come out in late June, but am I the only one put off by the sheer treacle on display here? On the flip side, can any of you vouch for the Jodi Picoult novel of the same name?