Since the kids today are all about their electronic devices, with their iPods and their Twitters and their text messaging, it was only a matter of time before someone modernized the age-old custom of heckling movies. Why bother speaking out loud when you can just text your comments directly to the movie?

That's the idea behind MuVChat, a new gimmick being tried in St. Charles, Ill. At special screenings of popular movies, audience members can text their comments to a central number, then watch as they appear on the screen moments later. Normally people who text during movies are annoying, inconsiderate, over-entitled morons -- but with MuVChat, it's OK.

According to a story in the Chicago Tribune, so far they've done Zoolander, with Dodgeball and Office Space coming up. The audience already knows the films pretty well, so it's not a distraction to be texting and reading comments at the same time.

Without having experienced MuVChat, I can see some potential problems with it. Since you have to text your comments and wait a minute or so for them to appear, you can't really respond to specific lines of dialogue. You'd have to be commenting on generalities about the scene, which drastically limits your snark potential. Moreover, what's with the comedies? Every seasoned heckler knows it's hard to heckle a comedy, especially a comedy that's actually funny. Even a bad comedy already isn't taking itself seriously, which makes ridiculing it almost a moot point. The acknowledged masters of this sort of thing are the Mystery Science Theater 3000 gang -- and of the 200 films they heckled, how many were comedies? One or two?
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