The realm of music documentaries is about to get a little grungy. Billboard reports that Pearl Jam is itching to get a documentary made about themselves, and they want old friend Cameron Crowe to do it: "We're building up to our big 20th anniversary," McCready said. "We're trying to have a little campaign of building rereleases with new mixes and new outtakes up until that time. We're trying to do a movie with Cameron Crowe with all of our existing footage."

In other words, a sort of reunion movie with the man who gave us Singles all the way back in 1992. As you might remember, the members of Pearl Jam acted as the rest of Matt Dillon's "Citizen Dick" band, which leads me to this Scenes We Love clip -- Dillon's Cliff all eager to hear only the good things in a review of their band, which results in the awesome silence followed by "...other than that, he was ably backed by Stone, and Jeff, and drummer Eddie Vedder... I mean, that's good."
Seeing this makes me wish that there was a Crowe clone that could be sent back in time and take all the footage himself. The only thing cooler than music docs made by Crowe is music docs filmed by Crowe. And speaking of the filmmaker, when will he wipe Elizabethtown from our memories and give us more classics, beloved, and music-filled movie wonder? It looks like that Volcano Romance won't be it...

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