Cinematical has just received this exclusive poster for Downloading Nancy, billed as "The Most Controversial Film You Will See This Year." Our own Erik Davis called it "a sick and twisted rollercoaster ride that climbs fast and drops slowly." What do you mean, Erik? "Basically, Downloading Nancy is about this unhappily married woman (Maria Bello) who meets a guy (Jason Patric) over the internet, falls in love, then asks him to kill her ... slowly ... so she can finally feel something in her life."

Erik admitted that he may have been the only one who actually liked Johan Renck's film when it premiered at Sundance last year, but that's my boss: always ready to champion the "sick, twisted and sadistic stuff," in this case because he felt it "had purpose, revealed character and told a pretty f**ked up story."

I think it bears repeating that Maria Bello is the lead -- an amazing actress who has consistently demonstrated a willingness to take risks, even in more conventional roles. Jason Patric is fully capable of giving a subtle, moody performance, as are co-stars Rufus Sewell and Amy Brenneman. Behind the camera, the exquisitely talented Christopher Doyle served as director of photography. Clearly, this movie isn't for everyone, but more adventurous souls will want to see it for themselves.

Courtesy of the courageous Strand Releasing, Downloading Nancy will open - in theaters only -- on June 5. You have been warned. Check out the full poster by clicking the image below.