Those Sex and the City girls weren't always rich. They may have always indulged in the finer things in life, but there was always a frugality to balance it. Charlotte gave up shoes to save for a share in the Hamptons. Carrie spent all her money on Manolos and almost lost her apartment because of it. Then the movie came, along with successful husbands and Hollywood money, and it all went to diamonds, caviar, and extreme extravagance.

But just as the economy crashed, so shall our New York-lovin' ladies. MSNBC insider sources recently shared that everyone is feeling the crunch on the upcoming sequel Sex and the City 2. Some of Samantha's investments get wiped out and she'll have to "survive on a more modest budget but still staying true to her fabulous taste." But these hard times won't only hurt the women. As The Age explains, Big gets hit hard, and the couple move to London, where he might do something really crappy ... and swiftly annoy all those who've been watching over the years, once again making sequels futile. There's always something else around the bend.

These reports aren't confirmed, but I think they're a good example of what could very easily kill this franchise. Some love this world, and some hate it, but will those SatC fans feel the love when Samantha "suffers" as she can no longer close stores for her convenience and drop thousands of dollars on shopping sprees? Or jewelry that costs more than a car? At least with overindulgence, viewers can pretend they're that lucky too.

But does anyone want to watch people mope when they have to downsize their multi-million dollar lifestyles in such a way that still seems lucky and lavish to the rest of us? I don't.