Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game that has absolutely nothing against mutants or people who chronicle mutants, but just please ask them to stand on the other side of the room, m'kay? Last week we asked you to hip-hop it back to high school and dream up the perfect caption for a photo from the film 17 Again, starring the totally dreamy Zac Efron. Congrats to our three winners ... may you never magically transform into a guy who looks like Matthew Perry.

1. "And this is why we never call a teenage girl 'fat.'" -- Mallory L.

2. "That is the last time I make a FunnyorDie video with you Mr. Efron." -- Doug A.

3. OK, so your tux for the prom is decided. Now, let's move onto this next pile of catalogs -- Hair Styles for Formal Occasions... -- Tina F.

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This week we have some pretty cool prizes for a mutant movie that doesn't involve Hugh Jackman's ridiculously long sideburns. Mutant Chronicles, which stars Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman, Devon Aoki and John Malkovich, will touch down on April 24, and in honor of this funky, freaky flick we've got a few nifty things for the folks who hand us the best captions for the photo below. The three cats behind our favorites will skip away with one Mutant Chronicles poster signed by the cast, one Mutant Chronicles miniature, one Mutant Chronicles collectible dog tag, four Magnet DVDs (The Signal, The Host, Splinter, Let the Right One In) and two complimentary movie tickets to Landmark theaters. Not bad at all -- win this caption contest and you get to watch five pretty cool flicks for free. (And trust me when I say all four of those Magnet films are definitely worth the watch.) Sound off below ...

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