The cast for the cheekily titled Morning Glory (aka "that film where Harrison Ford is going to try and be funny!") really is shaping up nicely. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they've nabbed themselves the second Nite Owl, Patrick Wilson.

"The film that Ford is going to try and by funny in" centers on an up-and-coming news producer played by Rachel McAdams. She has to save a struggling morning show, and get its antagonistic anchors (Ford and Diane Keaton) under control.

Trying to save McAdams from losing the will to live is Wilson, who will play her boyfriend. While Wilson is clearly trying to earn some comedy cred (Morning Glory is the third comedy he's signed for, he's also got The Baster and Barry Munday in the works),
I sincerely hope there's a little more to his part than just "the boyfriend." Wilson is quite talented, and playing a boyfriend, even to McAdams, seems like a waste of his charm. Then again, how many actresses have been stuck in such a thankless part? Maybe the tide is turning.

There really is a lot of talent here on both sides of the camera: Roger Michell is directing from a script by Aline Brosh McKenna, and J.J. Abrams is producing with his Bad Robot banner. Let's hope they can bring us a film of the witty, fun Ford (yes, he does exist) and not another Hollywood Homicide.
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