In the sea of floofy, should-be-set-on-fire-and-forgotten teen films out there, there is one project I'm really looking forward to seeing -- the adaptation of the New York Times article This Strange Thing Called Prom. Miramax grabbed the story last summer, and now Variety reports that the talented Jenny Lumet has agreed to write the screenplay. She is, of course, the daughter of Sidney, the scribe of Rachel Getting Married, and the pen behind the upcoming Robert Pattinson filmMemoirs.

As for the story -- it focuses on a group of students who organize a senior prom for their International High School in Brooklyn. That might sound like nothing interesting, and would be just that if these were North American students, and not immigrants from countries like Senegal, Poland, Tibet, and Haiti who have to learn about the traditional prom practices before putting one on themselves. The process is one that "ranged from magical to miserable." (You can read the article here.)

Lumet hit gold with her first film, and is definitely doing what she can to keep things fresh. First there's addiction and familial loss with Rachel Getting Married, and now a tale of lovers and family tragedy and international, prom-yearning kids. I'm thinking we'll be seeing a lot more of this Lumet ... and hopefully more Miley-free teen fare.
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