A group of armored car guards plan to swipe several million dollars that have been left in their care. The presence of Laurence Fishburne and Matt Dillon offers some hope, but the basic premise recalls everything from Reservoir Dogs to the Oceans' series. When the youngest member of the gang makes Matt Dillon promise that no one will get hurt I cringed a little. This one hits theaters on September 18.

The Skeptic
I'm torn about how I feel about this one. In the plus column this haunted house flick seems to have some real creep out moments and reminds me a bit of The Changeling. On the other hand I've never seen Tim Daly carry a feature before and the rest of the cast, which includes Tom Arnold, makes me feel like this is a TV movie. For those less skeptical (d'oh!) it hits theaters on May 1.

The Countess
The Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory (1560-1614) has been the subject of more horror films than I can count thanks to her habit of bathing in the blood of virgins in hopes of preserving her own youth. This film aims, presumably, at a more historically accurate portrayal of the Countess, making this a period costume drama with a grisly edge. No U.S. release date just yet.