When it comes to interesting pairings, it would be hard to top the combination of Meditation proponent and surrealist filmmaker David Lynch with techno artist Moby. The two have worked together in the past on benefit concerts and the occasional segment for the bizarrely captivating Lynch TV, but the latest effort from these two eccentrics is an animated video for Moby's new single, Shot in the Back of the Head. It may only be a simple black and white animation, but it is everything you would expect from a man who makes freaked out weather reports and drags a cow down the street as a marketing ploy.

Maybe it's not the most revolutionary video you have ever seen, but there's just something about the animation that suddenly adds just a little something to the song -- and isn't that what a good video is supposed to do in the first place? I really have to hand it to them, because I'm not necessarily Moby's biggest fan. I liked Play as much as the next girl, but that didn't mean I wanted to hear those tunes played into the ground by every commercial in prime time. Like I said, I'm a tough audience, and after watching the video even I may have to give the little vegan one more chance.

The one thing I do know is that I think I prefer Lynch the music video director over Lynch the commercial director, how about you?

Shot In The Back Of The Head from Moby on Vimeo.