That cheeky Edgar Wright has been teasing Scott Pilgrim vs. The World fans with blurry photos of stand-ins on the set of the movie, and yesterday he posted a video blog from the first day of the movie shoot.

"I'm doing this photo blog throughout the whole production, and this morning I decided to take a picture at 8 o'clock in the morning of the crew so then we can contrast it, see their happy, smiling faces at 8 o'clock in the morning on the first day of the shoot, compared to whatever time we wrap on the last day of the shoot... We'll see who's left."

Rather ominous yet adorable. I think it's the accent.

The video shows the actors getting pumped up for the first day despite the early hour, except for Michael Cera, who is strumming a guitar and asks how many days are left on the shoot with a poker face.

"During the shoot, can you just tell me when you're on me so I can suck in?" Wright asks, and then proceeds to demonstrate his good and bad posture.

It's a neat way to engage fans, and, of course, drum up some viral buzz for the movie. It's interesting to see how the studios and directors are using Twitter to interact with fans, but the video blog is more fun to watch and share.

Tune in at the official website for the movie.

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