Nestled solidly in the halls of beer worship, hosers, and Canadian film is Bob & Doug McKenzie, the men behind Strange Brew. It's been a whopping twenty-six years since the Canadian comedy from Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas was released, which makes me feel ancient, and it's still one of the top films about beer. But its staying power stretches beyond cinematic brew infamy.

Did you know that two years after their 2-4 anniversary, they've jumped into the world of animation? Yesterday evening marked the premiere of Bob & Doug, a new adult-themed animated show in Canada that follows the toque-topped Bob and Doug through their life in Maple Lake. It all came from the short film included on the DVD, but there is one big change. As we all know, Moranis keeps the TV and film world at arm's length these days, so a different man had to take the gig -- the one who threw Alanis Morrisette into a rant-filled frenzy -- Dave Coulier.

It's a blow to not have the real Bob, and read that Moranis said: "I would love to be excluded. I just don't want to do it, you know?" But it does look cute. While I didn't get a chance to see it air, there is a trailer tacked onto the teaser "12 Days of Christmas" video shown below. (Plus a few awesome clips from the movie after the jump.) So far, there doesn't seem to be any US airdates, but early reports did speculate that Fox could add this to their animated lineup. Cool, eh?

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