Maybe you're a raving pothead who runs around going "Dude, it's 4/20 today! Let's totally bake oooout!" Or maybe you're a non-partaker who still enjoys watching stoned people act silly. Or MAYBE you hate marijuana but you just like documentary films that dole out funny and informative in equal measure.

Well good news. Tonight ALL of you can tune in to the television world premiere of Super High Me, which is a pro-weed doco that played to an appreciative (if slightly fragrant) audience at last year's SXSW Film Festival. Borrowing a leafy page from Morgan Spurlock's (clearly influential) Super Size Me, Michael Blieden'sSuper High Me charts the journey of one serious pot-smoker (affable comedian Doug Benson) who decides to abstain for thirty(!) full days ... before smoking like Cheech times Chong for the NEXT 30 days. Along the way we learn a lot of (baked and biased but still interesting) things about pot culture, legality, medicinal uses, and physiological effects.

Plus, of course, G4 has a whole evening packed with weed-flavored programming, so go grab some munchies and see what all the puffings about. For more on the flick, check out the official site right here, and if you're still jonesin' then go read Erik Davis' review and eat some Twinkies.
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