It's only been a few months since the infamous Hollywood wiretapper and 'Private Eye to the Stars' Anthony Pellicano was sentenced to 15 years in prison for wiretapping, racketeering and wire fraud -- but it wasn't just the shady P.I. who got himself into trouble with the Feds, and the AP has confirmed that action director (and former Pellicano client), John McTiernan (Die Hard) has been indicted on two counts of making false statements to federal agents and one count of perjury.

The trouble all started when McTiernan testified to Federal agents that he had employed Pellicano during a divorce case, but it was later revealed that McTiernan had actually hired Pellicano to do some snooping on film producer Charles Roven during McTiernan's remake of Rollerball. McTiernan originally had pleaded guilty back in 2006, but when faced with four months in prison, he later changed his mind and even fought his way to the Court of Appeals to be allowed to reverse his guilty plea.

But, in the end it looks like the change of heart didn't matter all that much now that Feds are gunning for the man anyway. McTiernan's lawyer has already gone into spin mode, telling reporters that: "The prosecutor has taken one count and tried to expand it into more charges in a new indictment. There seems to be retribution because John refused to play ball the way the prosecutors wanted and because we were successful on appeal."

But the question for film fans is: just where does that leave McTiernan's upcoming projects? The director already had three films in the pipeline before these charges were announced, and something tells me he won't be able to start work any time soon if he's stuck in a federal prison.

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