The first photo of Russell Crowe as the titular archer in Ridley Scott'sRobin Hood has appeared online, courtesy of USA Today. (The whole photo is below the jump.) It's a nice, atmospheric shot with a very respectable and relatively accurate costume. The medievalist in me is automatically annoyed at Brian Grazer bragging about the costume: "He's got armor. He's very medieval. He looks, if anything, more like he did in Gladiator than anything we're used to seeing with Robin Hood." I mean, do people still expect Robin Hood to wear tights? I suppose they do, even though its not accurate, and no one has sported them onscreen since the days of Errol Flynn and Douglas Fairbanks (not counting Cary Elwes). Most Robin Hoods wear sturdy, cool outfits nowadays, with lots of leather.

I do think it's funny Crowe went back to his Gladiator haircut after wearing that weird shaggy thing in State of Play that was supposed to be his Robin Hood coif. While this looks nicer, it's funny you'd go through one movie looking rather badly groomed, and go all sleek and Roman for a medieval film!

Anyway, there's not much else to say, so I'll leave you with a fun fact. Did you know that medieval peasants hated the longbow? You had to bulk up to use it, creating what they considered to be "unsightly" muscles and bodies. Eventually, you could rip open your chest muscles and be lame for the rest of your life. But making the lower classes so proficient in it was kind of a mistake, as the nobility found out during the Peasant's Revolt.

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