For better or worse, we're living in a generation dominated by the "tweens." Granted, I think this is largely the media and movie industry being reminded that the young exist, have a little disposable income, and like soft, safe movies with Zac Efron and sparkly vampires. I don't mean that as dismissively as it may sound. Adolescence is an awkward thing, as I'm sure we all remember, and while I don't want the tastes of 10-13 ruling studios for the next ten years, it's good to cater to them with a movie or two.

Thinking back though, I'm at a loss as to what ruled my tween / teen years. I was an odd duck though, focused on Renaissance Faires and all things medieval, so the only thing that looms very large is Braveheart. I also remember being quite impressed by Legends of the Falland Brad Pitt's long, tousled hair. I believe he and Mel Gibson were my first pin-ups, which I'm sure explains a lot about me to this day.

Though I know I was hideously out of touch with my demographic, I wonder if my generation is a "lost" one of 20-somethings that escaped being pigeonholed into a particular taste and demographic. Casper was about as gently gushy as we got. There was no in-between like Twilight, you had to jump straight from Disney into Tarantino. It was eye-opening and kind of scary, and makes me empathize with those who enjoy a chaste stepping stone of Hannah Montana and Edward Cullen. I know I was too young to see some of that stuff ... but then again, I also turned out just fine.

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