Dan Brown will finally get his Robert "he looks like Harrison Ford" Langdon film franchise as according to Variety, Columbia is already prepping to buy Brown's latest symbolist installment, The Lost Symbol. They have first rights to the book, as Sony already owns the rights to the character of Robert Langdon. (Were they able to actually buy Tom Hanks for all eternity, I wonder?)

Symbol was originally supposed to be published in 2006, but has been delayed repeatedly. Now Doubleday has the manuscript in hand, swears its thrilling, and has set a publication date of September 15. It already has a first print run of five million copies, which is actually small fry compared to the 81 million copies The DaVinci Code has sold.

No one knows what Symbol will be about other than it will feature the Freemasons, Washington D.C., and the Kryptos sculpture at the CIA . But where there's a secret organization, I think we can hazard a guess that we'll also find a religious coverup and the Catholic Church! I can't imagine that Brown will ever disappoint fans in that regard. I hope that Langdon runs around Washington D.C. with a copy of the Declaration of Independence which, when rubbed with lemon juice, tells where to find the True Cross, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Spear of Destiny. Throw in a beautiful brunette and an evil monk, and no one will remember Nicolas Cage.

Angels & Demons, Brown's latest Langdon film adaptation, will hit theaters on May 15.

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