When a score pops up in a film, it's there to move you -- to do what just a scene in silence cannot, whether it's the utter doom of Kronos in Requiem for a Dream, the strength of Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra, or the quirk of teenage suicide in Heathers. Although a very close second could be given to Requiem, no score or mood-enhancing music has ever affected me more than the work created between David Lynch and the incomparable Angelo Badalamenti.

Twin Peaks fans will recognize the video below -- it's part of a TP DVD special feature, where Badalamenti discusses how the pair make music together. Specifically, he describes how a simple conversation brought the Twin Peaks theme, with no sprucing, or editing -- just a conversation and some instinctual notes tapped on a keyboard.

Frankly, it baffles my mind that something so haunting came so simply, but I think that's a good, or maybe Real Indication of both of the men's talents. And speaking of "A Real Indication," you can check out a brief blip of the one Lynch/Badalmenti gig that allowed Angelo to sing after the jump, straight from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.