While I've been busy trying to manage my incredibly busy (and ultra exciting) offline life, a few nuggets of WTF have managed to sneak through the "you're too busy for this sh*t" wall and lodge themselves in my brain. And when something movie-related finds its way into my brain, the only way to get rid of it is to stick my finger down my ear and vomit all over Cinematical.

With that pleasant image out of the way, have you folks been following the absolute ridiculousness surrounding these poor Slumdog Millionaire kids? Driving home last night I hear on the radio that the father of actress Rubina Ali (who played little Latika in the film) was trying to sell the child for a few hundred grand. Yup, dude was actually attempting to sell his kid in order to make one last profit off her before, ya know, Slumdog Millionaire hit the $9.99 bin at Target. According to News of the World (not the most kosher source for accurate news), Papa Wannabee Millionaire tried to sell the girl to one of their undercover reporters. Meanwhile, The Sun now reports that Rubina's father has since been arrested, and police are trying to gather more evidence, including video of the alleged kid sale. The father, however, denies all of it and claims reporters are making it up.

Now I'm far from an expert when it comes to messy families and what's right for the children, but it definitely seems like these Slumdog kids aren't in the safest situation -- especially when parents are looking to sell their kids in order to pay the bills. But what can be done? With the family provider now in jail, I'm sure things won't be getting better for Rubina -- but she's one of hundreds, thousands. How do you help these kids?
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