"If he made porn I'd do it. Because that'd be the coolest porn I've ever seen."

Channing Tatum is about one role away from the A-list. The 29-year-old Alabama native has proven he's got the acting chops (see his cred-earning role opposite Shia LaBeouf in 2006's 'A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints') and teen idol worship (after the same year's sleeper hit 'Step Up') sewn up. Now he's a regular in internet casting rumors, from the remotely possible (he'll play Captain America) to the absurd (he'll remake 'The Bodyguard' with Rihanna).

Or maybe Tatum is three roles away; that's how many high-profile flicks he'll be seen in over the next four months. The first is this week's 'Fighting,' a reunion with 'Saints' director Dito Montiel in which Tatum plays an underground street brawler in New York who's mentored by hustler Terrence Howard.

Then he'll appear opposite Hollywood heavyweights Christian Bale and Johnny Depp in July's 'Public Enemies' before playing a Real American Hero in August's big-screen 'GI Joe' extravaganza. We asked Tatum about real-life fistfights, headline-making co-stars like LaBeouf, Bale and Sienna Miller ... and those persistent 'Captain America' rumors.

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