'Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa'In celebration of Earth Day 2009, our friends at SnagFilms have collected a series of 10 documentaries "that highlight the impact we all have on the environment, and the responsibilities we bear for the planet's future." If that sounds too high-minded for you, consider this: they're free! And, though I haven't seen all of them, the ones I have seen are quite entertaining, as well as educational.

For your viewing convenience, we've embedded one of them below. Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa introduces a group of people who have moved to an isolated, 15 square mile region in New Mexico known as "The Mesa." About 400 people live there, with names like Dreadie Jeff, Maine, Cowboy, and Gecko. One of them says, "We don't dial 9-1-1; we dial 3-5-7: .357 Magnum."

The film played a slew of festivals in 2007 and 2008, including the Portland Film Festival, where Cinematical'sEric D. Snider saw it. "Unfortunately, [the doc] starts by showing the most idiotic ones," he wrote. "Luckily, as Off the Grid (directed by Jeremy and Randy Stulberg) progresses, it introduces us to a greater diversity of people, and facts are revealed that cast the whole experiment in a more sympathetic light. ... The doc runs just 70 minutes, but it's packed with so many small insights into humanity that it probably didn't need to be any longer."

Please note: the doc is NSFW due to strong language and brief nudity.