With the Tribeca Film Festival now underway, one would expect indie filmmaker Ti West to be all kinds of happy. His latest, The House of the Devil, is having its world premiere there -- plus the guy recently finished work on Cabin Fever 2. So what's the problem? Well, according to a rather fine interview between West and Spout's Karina Longworth, Ti is irritated that his producers have trimmed his movie down by a few scenes.

Click right here for the full piece (which also offers some interesting tidbits regarding the long-gestating Cabin Fever 2), but the gist of the conflict seems to be this: The House of the Devil, in its Tribeca incarnation, is missing a few scenes that the director happens to think are important. Having already seen West's 'preferred' version, I can offer the opinion that ... yes, the guy has a very good point. It's no secret at this point, especially if you've seen West's earlier flicks (The Roost and Trigger Man), that The House of the Devil is what we call a "seriously slow burn." You could trim SIX scenes from the flick and it'll still be a deliberately-paced and, ok, slow film. Trimming two scenes from this movie "for pacing" is like removing ten M&Ms from a giant bag "for dieters."