The cover of Whitley Strieber's The Nye Incidents (as well as that famous Communion cover) is enough to scare the crap out of me, so I really don't relish the idea of sitting through a big screen adaptation of it. Nevertheless, I'll have to because it's on its way courtesy of Dark Castle, who has snatched up the rights. According to Variety, Todd Lincoln is set to direct, but no screenwriter is attached.

Devil's Due (who has a preview up) claims this is the story Strieber was "too terrified to tell himself," a viewpoint that is oddly shared by Amazon's one lone reviewer. It's centered on a medical examiner named Lynn Devlin who copes, as all M.E.'s and pathologists of pop culture do, with cool, rational logic. But in true Agent Scully / Temperance Brennan fashion, she is faced with something she can't explain away ... the gruesome murder of an alien abductee, and frightening dreams of oval shaped eyes.

In other words, its exactly the kind of alien story that makes me sleep with the lights on. (I know, I'm a dork.) I'm afraid your girl geek will fail you on this one, as there's no way in hell I will read it and tell you whether or not it'll make a cool movie. However, it warms my heart a little to know that the truth is still out there, flying free and making medical examiners doubt their belief in science.
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