Some people might think Jamie Foxx has jumped the proverbial shark (and I don't necessarily disagree), but apparently Iron Mike Tyson didn't get the memo. Some extremely brave soul at MTV interviewed the former heavyweight champion, who once again revealed that he wants Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx to play him in a biopic.

Tyson told MTV, "I don't know [who might direct]... Jamie discussed the things he wanted to do. He didn't know which way he wanted to go, but it was something he wanted to do. He told me not to tell anybody [too much]. He's just interested in doing it."

Foxx's The Soloist is getting mixed reviews, and the movie itself was pushed back twice, from November 21, 2008, in what some thought would be an Oscar bid, to March 2009 and then once more to this weekend. However, it's possible that James Toback's doc on the fighter, Tyson, could drum up interest in a biopic.

I just saw Tyson, which is also opening this weekend (read our review), and while it didn't totally change my opinion on Tyson the man, it's absolutely engrossing. Other than clips of Tyson in the media, including footage of him with his mentor Cus D'Amato and with ex-wife Robin Givens on Barbara Walters and, oh yeah, him threatening a heckler ("I'll f*ck you until you love me, [homophobic expletive]"), the doc is literally all Tyson talking and it's hypnotic. While Toback doesn't pull any punches (har), the trust he established with the fighter over the years allows the viewer an unprecedented look into Tyson's mind and life. Plus, as someone who occasionally dons a pink pair of Everlast gloves, I was totally rocked by the footage of him fighting as a young man.

Besides, a star turn as an ear-biting convicted rapist has Oscar bait written all over it.
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